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Improve Forex Trading Performance

Improve Forex Trading Performance: 5 Super Tips from Experts



You are thinking about how to improve forex trading performance? Indeed you are on the right spot!

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You already know that,

Expert Advisors can be a godsend for Forex traders.

Automatically finding new opportunities based on your parameters, emotionless trading, timesaving, back-testing – the benefits speak for themselves.

However, what if the promise of a Forex EA is too good to be true? What if the hours spent carefully crafting an automated version of your trading strategy end in an EA that isn’t up to scratch?

It’s often the case that an EA isn’t good enough, either through inconsistent work performance or perhaps not working at all.

Now, let’s jump to the central portion; of what you are waiting eagerly for!


5 Super Tips to Improve Forex Trading Performance


#1. Taking advantage of market conditions

One of the main reasons some Forex EAs don’t work correctly is because they struggle to adapt to dynamic market conditions.

Programming your EA to perform in any situation optimally can be a nigh-impossible task. The alternative is to program your EA to work optimally under specific conditions and only use it when those conditions arise.


#2. Always have an exit plan

Be honest with yourself. Do you have an exit plan ready for when things turn sour? What’s your plan if your range trading Forex EA is caught in a breakout? Or if your momentum EA becomes the victim of a short squeeze?

Identifying market conditions is one thing. However, it means nothing if you don’t have an appropriate exit plan in place for when the market shifts.



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#3. Properly utilizing non-correlated EAs

Traders cannot underestimate the use of non-correlated Forex EAs. By running multiple non-correlated EAs across different strategies and timeframes, you’ll have all your bases covered. For example:


  • If you have an EA that works well in the short term, build one that also works on daily charts.
  • If you have an EA that works on majors, function one on exotic currency pairs.


#4. Allocate funds to your EAs according to performance

How much are you willing to allocate to your best and worst-performing Forex EAs?

If you’re underfunding your best-performing EA, you’re doing yourself a great disservice. Vice versa for your worst-performing EA.


#5. Trade less when in a drawdown

It may seem obvious; however, you’d be surprised at the number of forex traders who don’t reduce the size of their trades when their Forex EA is experiencing a drawdown.

Spend time analyzing your EA to know what to expect from it over time. That way, it’s easier for you to identify when it’s going through a losing period, and you’ll be better prepared to cut your trade sizes accordingly.


In conclusion, try not to stress out and improve the performance of your Forex EAs by following the above tips. Being proactive and appropriately managing your EAs can make all the difference in long-term performance.

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